Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you selective in the cases you take?

RWG: Yes. I only represent people I respect. Some are entrepreneurs. Others are doctors. A few sell things that make the world better. And yet still others raise great kids while no one is looking. If I believe in you, then I can help.

What I refuse to do, however, is waste time on whiners or complainers.

Life is hard. Get used to it.

I focus on people who are willing to struggle for a better future.

  • Have you won any awards?

RWG:  Yes.  In 2014, 2015, and 2016, I received Client Distinction / Client Rating awards from Martindale-Hubbell.

From 2016-2019, I was named a Top 100 Family Lawyer by The National Advocates.

From 2016 to 2018, I was also named one of Minnesota's Top 10 attorneys in client satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.

In 2017, I was named a Distinguished Lawyer by the Expert Network.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

RWG:  No.

  • Do you charge for initial consultations?

RWG:  No. I don’t believe that is fair. However, I do not offer in-person consults unless I think it is likely we will be a good fit. All prospective clients must start the process with a short (15-20 minute) telephone call with me. It is only after that happens that I schedule consults.

  • Do you represent women and men?

RWG: Sure. Makes no difference to me.

  • What is your phone number?

RWG:  Are you asking because you want to call to set-up an appointment? If so, I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way. Please see the Hire Rob page for more information.

If you are a judge, a lawyer, or one of my clients who needs to talk to me, then please call me at (952) 393-5011.